I first heard live music when I was two years old, and I was completely entranced and captivated.  My fascination with music has been growing ever since.  
I became eligible to audition for Cleveland School of the Arts after my family moved from Lakewood into Cleveland, and I jumped at the chance.  I was assigned to the violin shortly after starting 4th grade there in 1985.  I continued studying art and music there for 10 years, graduating in 1995.

Since then, I've been continuing to feed my curiosity by studying with classical violinists, working with R&B, blues, folk, gospel, and jazz musicians, and talking to anyone I've found that has something interesting to say.

For some time now, I've been envisioning a social networking calendar, a system that could make it easier to share upcoming concerts and events.  The 'Community Calendar' link above shows the current work in progress.

When I play violin, I hear music through all the lenses and viewpoints I've gathered thus far.